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May the Fourth Be With You Collection

$ 20.00


  1. Simply pick your sign from the drop down and add it to your cart.
  2. Choose the background stain you want
  3. Pick the stain color you want the frame to be if applicable.
  4. List the info needed for your sign (house number, street name etc.)
  5. List the paint colors you want us to send with your sign! 
  6. Add to cart!

If your wanting to add multiple signs to your cart you will just want to follow the above steps after adding each to the cart! You will need to add each item individually. 


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Processing time will depend on amount of orders we receive. Please allow at least 6 business days for your order to ship. We will ship priority, so we will get your signs to you ASAP! Keep an eye on your confirmation email for updated shipping information. 


Thank you for supporting our small business!! - Caitlin and Team SBC!

Our boards are available in two different styles. Choose our standard option for that distressed feel OR go for that finished look with a framed in solid sign. Either way we'll have your board stained and prepped, ready for you to apply your design at your workshop.
This will be the frame color for your chosen sign. Does not apply to the round options.
This will be the background color for your design.
Please list up to 4 paint colors you'd like to paint your design with.

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