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Spartan Bowl - McFarland, Wisconsin - March 20th

Signs by Caitlin

Spartan Bowl - McFarland, Wisconsin - March 20th

$ 65.00
Select the stain background color you would like to have. We will have your board prepped and ready for you at your workshop!
Please list any applicable information to your sign here. Last name, year established, location, etc.

Join us at for a FUN and unique DIY sign making night!  We customize the materials for you according to your selection at check out and will take you step by step to create a wall worthy piece for your home or to give as a gift! 

March 20th 6:30pm
Spartan Bowl 
4711 Farewell Street
McFarland, WI 
Workshop Instructor: Connie
To help us prepare the supplies for your custom project, we will need you to select ONE from these design options when checking out:

When checking out if you pick a design that needs special custom information such as a date, a year, last name, a city for coordinates etc. please include all information in the " Sign Option Notes" section when checking out. 

 General Designs

1.] Spring Has Sprung with Bunnies (18x24)
2} Hello Spring with Flower (18z24)
3} Beautiful Girl you can do amazing (18x24)
4} Scrub A Dub Dub (12x36)
5} Happy Easter Long Board (12x48)
6} Market Fresh Flowers (18x24)
7} How is it Possible that out of all the Boys (18x24)
8} Bed & Breakfast you make both (19x24)
9} I have found the one whom my soul loves (12x36)
10} Welcome to our Farmhouse (18x24)
11} Always Stay Humble & Kind (18x24)
12} Happiness is Homemade {12x36)
13} Steal my heart not my blankets (12x36)
14} Always Remember You are Braver than you know (18x24)
15} Love is a four legged word (18x24)
16} This is us, our life, our story, our home
17} Something Tells Me I'm going to love you forever (18x24)
18} I love us (18x24)
19} RAWR Means I love you.... (18x24)
20} If your a bird I'm a bird (18x24)
21} You & Me (18x24)
22} May your Adventures be Wild (18x24)
23} Cow (18x24)
24} There is Always, Always, Always Something (18x24)
25} Grateful Thankful Blessed (12x48)
26} Laundry Sucks (18x24)
27} Wash Your Hands ya Filthy (18x24)
28} Thankful & Grateful (18x24)
29} Last Name Initial Established Sign (18x24)
30} When all else Fails, Hug the Cat (18x24)
31} Welcome Home (12x36)
32} Family Name Welcome Sign (12x48)
33} Welcome Sign with Leaves (12x48)
34} To go to sleep I count antlers (18x24)
35} Let Her Sleep (18x24)
36} Laundry Wash Dry and Fold (12x36)
37} Wash your hands and say a prayer (18x24)
38} Raise your hands and touch your toes (18x24)
39} Buckhead with Name and Eat. Date (18x24)
40} So I can kiss you anytime I want (18x24)
41} Our Home is filled with love and dog hair (12x36)
42} Family like branches on a tree (12x36)
43} Lets Stay Home (12x36)
44} Mercantile Sign (12x36)
45} Fresh Coffee Sign (12x36)
46} Life is beautiful (18x24)
47} Welcome to the fire pit (18x24)
48} You are loved....always (18x24)
49} I love you to the moon (18x24)
50) Your wings were ready but our hearts (18x24)
51} Our Nest (18x24)
52} Come in were awesome (18x24)
53} Not all who wander are lost (18x24)
54} Bless the Food Before Us (18x24)
55.} Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful (18x24)
56.} Everything happens for a reason (18x24)
57} Wash Brush Floss Flush (18x24)
58} I love you more than yesterday..(18x24)
59} Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow (18x24)
60} This Home is full of Kisses, Wagging Tails (18x24)
70} Because someone we love is in heaven (18x24)
71} Always Kiss me Goodnight (18x24)
72} Home is Where the Heart Is (18x24)
73} Adventure Awaits (18x24)
74} Welcome to the Firepit (18x24)
75} ABC I heart you (18x24)
76} Believe there is Good In the World (18x24)
77} Every Love Story is Beautiful (18x24) 
78} Thankful & Grateful (18x24)
79} This Kitchen is for Dancing (18x24)
80} Read me a story (18x24)
81} Love my Tribe (18x24)
82} Love you More (18x24)
83} Wild & Free (18x24)
84} Rise and Shine (18x24)
85} Love you Dearly (18x24)
86} Dream Big Little One (18x24)
87} She Designed a Life She Loved (18x24)
88} Home is Wherever I'm with You (18x24)
89} Love with Arrows (18x24)
90} She Leaves a little Sparkle (18x24)
91} You are my sunshine (18x24)
92} P.S. I love you (18x24)
93.} Our Greatest Blessings Gather Here (18x24)
94.} Work Hard and Be Kind (18x24)
95.} See the Good (18x24)
98.} Truly, Madly Deeply Est. (12x36)
97.} Grow old along with me (12x36)
98} If you Want to change the World (12x36)
99.} Roman Numeral Date (12x36)
100) Love grows Best In Little Houses (12x36)
101.}Today is a Good Day for a Good Day (12x36)
102} thankful & blessed (12x36)
103.} City, State Coordinate Sign (12x36)
104.} home sweet home (12x36)
105.} You are my greatest adventure (12x36)
106.} Life is better on the Farm (12x36)
1.} University of Wisconsin - Bucky (18x24)
2.} Wisconsin - Motion W (18x24)
3.} Badgers - Full Bucky (18x24)
4.} Love - Bucky (12x36)
5.} Home - Bucky (12x36)
6.} Bucky Welcome - "LAST NAME" (12x48)
7.} Bucky Welcome - "BADGERS" (12x48)
8.} Bucky Welcome - "BUCKY" (12x48)
9.) WISCONSIN with Badgers overlay (12x48)
**NOTE...any customization you pick when registering is the design you will get! NO CHANGES can be made once you check out! Thanks for understanding.
BEFORE completing the checkout process, PLEASE be sure to read the following policies:
Please read the following IMPORTANT info:

  • We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time of this workshop so that we can start on time. 
  • Because of time constraints and the way our workshops are instructed, we can only allow each person to make ONE project per workshop. If there are multiple designs you’d like, we suggest finding a friend to purchase a spot and make it for you.
  • This project involves wood! As you know, no two pieces of wood are alike! Grains, texture and aging/stain is different in every piece. Because we HAND MAKE these signs using pieces from various pallets, each sign will vary in color and texture. Because wood hold moisture, up to a half inch of shrinkage as it dries out is normal. But it won’t compromise the sign fabrication. You always have the option to leave it in its natural state OR paint to your style! If your project is being displayed outside or in an area prone to moisture, we recommend that you protect it using the sealer of your choice which you can purchase at any local home improvement store. Also, we use raw, freshly cut wood. It WILL shrink. This will not harm the structure of the project but the boards will separate up to a half inch.
  • Cancellation Policy: Due to the customizations at our workshops, there are NO REFUNDS FOR WORKSHOPS! However, if you are unable to make the workshop please private message me on Facebook or email me {} to cancel. 

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