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To date, Signs by Caitlin co-sponsored fundraising events have raised over $60,000 for local organizations!!!

Are you looking for a fun, unique way to raise money for your school, special project or cause?  Let us help!

Normally, during non-pandemic times our co-sponsored fundraising events have brought so many together to raise funds for local, communities and organizations. How does it work? Easy, a portion of sales go directly to the organization you're raising funds for. 

But now, a year and half into a global pandemic we realize getting together for an event may not be the best option for your cause. That's why we've added ship-to-home options to our line up. With our AT HOME DIY KITS we offer the ability for you to raise funds for your organization virtually! 


STANDARD WORKSHOP SIGNS DIY KITS-  These are our larger signs that are offered for all our classes. The cost of these signs start at $55.00. These signs can be made at home and a percentage of every sign sold goes back to the organization. The more signs purchased the higher percentage of sales the organization gets, up to 25%!

MINI DIY KITS - We offer both adult and child options! The cost of these signs start at $30.00. For this fundraising option we offer a flat donation for every kit sold. 

We offer local pickup option and we offer shipping! We ship anywhere in the US  and offer FREE SHIPPING for any orders over $99.

Contact us directly for more details as well as to set up your fundraising links for your organization at